Thank You! Using The Habit Factor’s Tracking Template (Video Walkthru)

You should have the habit-building and goal achievement template in your inbox by now! Please know, this template is completely customizable!

This is the exact template I used to complete multiple “bucket-list” type goals; the Catalina Classic paddle-board race (32 mile open ocean paddle) and an Ironman triathlon, not to mention a write a couple books.
In fact, it’s the same template I coached dozens of executives and entrepreneurs with and is the basis for the bestselling productivity app (iOS and Android). Bottom line— it works! But don’t take my word for it, please keep reading.

Yep, I even used The Habit Factor method to achieve the goal of writing the book, The Habit Factor® ; )

The entire story and background is chronicled fairly well in the book, The Habit Factor®.

Video Controls
-You can press “pause” on your keyboard to stop/start the video
-You can EXPAND the video at any point by clicking the icon in the lower right, next to the video time indictor
-Pressing ESC (escape) on the keyboard will make the video regular size again (non, full screen).

Are you thinking this is going to take too much time?

My two cents / an observation: People who won’t invest 10-15 minutes to setup the template properly (or watch this video) don’t REALLY want to achieve their goals.

Investing a little time on the front end will really help you understand The Habit Factor method better and simple concepts like:

What is a “tracking period”?
What is “the minimum success criteria”?
What is a “target” day?
Why do we only use 1’s and 0’s to setup and track?

Want some more PROOF that this really works ; )
Here is an excerpt from a blog from a woman named Tanya.

You can read her entire story here. Tanya read The Habit Factor® and had the goal to regain her pre-pregnancy body/weight. This is part of what she wrote…

For instance, one of my most recent goals was not just to reclaim my pre-pregnancy body (I just had a baby on May 3, 2013) but to have a healthy lifestyle. So I first determined what habits would put me on the right path and began tracking how consistent I was. Rather than saying, I am not going to eat
junk food, I thought about what I was going to do, such as meditating, drinking a minimum of eight cups of water a day, eating a minimum of seven servings of fruits and vegetables per day, and walking and exercising five to six days a week.

I can be quite competitive, especially with myself, so tracking my habits makes me want to push myself even further. If I see that I had seven servings of fruits and vegetables all last week, I will try to make it eight for the following week. Also, the accountability is there. Sometimes we all get so busy and do not realize how much time has passed since we have last worked out after we set forth the goal. Logging the information gives me the data I need to have tangible evidence on why I have or have not achieved my goal.Since I started tracking my habits with my healthy lifestyle back in July of this year, I lost 16 1/2pounds, putting me about three pounds under my pre-pregnancy weight and lost a total of 18 inchesfrom my waist, hips, thighs and arms. I feel more energized and am motivated to keep up these goodhabits. Many of us question why our lives have or have not taken certain courses but do not always look at our habits (actions) to determine how significant they are in why we are where we are. Even though there are instances where circumstances arise that are out of our control, our habits are not. We typically control those. The next time you question why you are struggling to reach your goal, consider your habits. They truly can reveal a lot and certainly did for me. All the best,

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