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Coach Christopher John Payne discusses the book, the TEDx event and the power of an inscribed book. If you’re looking for the cliff notes you can start watching around minute ten. Enjoy.
(Once again, very thoughtful and kind of Chris to review the book and share his thoughts, this video has almost 2,000 views already!)

“Never forget a successful person is just a dreamer who someone believed in.” ~Anonymous

What’s the best gift anyone ever gave you? Chances are good it was a reputation to live up to— belief that you could and would achieve your dreams and goals!

Now, YOU can give the gift of belief and inspiration this Holiday Season in the form of The Habit Factor®!

When you combine such a thoughtful and kind word, along with the inspiration and confidence that comes with this practical goal-achievement philosophy and methodology — the results ARE amazing!

For the first time ever, you can get a signed, custom inscribed book from Martin Grunburg, author of The Habit Factor® with a special, custom note and without the cost of traveling to a Habit Factor presentations, seminar or workshop.

A signed and customized message to your family member, relative or special friend may be exactly what they need to turn the corner — to develop new, supportive behaviors or just believe in a brighter future!

Complete the FORM below to begin your custom order today!
Note: Since we are inscribing/altering the books we can not provide any refunds. We will do everything possible to ensure your satisfaction but please be sure to have the form completed exactly as you would like. Add’l note:  MG’s penmanship is unique (translated: not very clear) but will do his best to ensure legibility.

Allow 2-3 weeks for arrival. Holiday Promotion is now OFF
But be sure to inquire about the THF + TPP (The Pressure Paradox) combo pack for your company!

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Hardcovers and Paperbacks signed with a special message for you best-friends, family or business colleagues!

3 Simple Steps to Give the Gift that will last a lifetime!

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With the hardcover purchases Amazon has limited stock (unfortunately by design, actually, they want you to purchase the paperback instead). The hardcover can take about 2 weeks to arrive and the closer you get to the holidays the harder that will be to fulfill.

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