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The Habit Factor® Template/Worksheet/Tracker  — Build Great Habits
(How to Develop Good Habits, Change Bad Habits and Create and Align New Habits to Achieve your Goals!)

Thank you for your interest in The Habit Factor’s worksheet and habit development template.

This unique template allows ANYONE to change existing bad habits and develop new favorable habits that can help them reach their goals! For now, this is the original, worksheet template (revealed in the bestselling book) and it is designed to help you track core, related behaviors (habits) that will help you reach your goal!

Example: You can setup “LOSE WEIGHT – Weigh XX by XDATE” then create supportive habits you want to track to help you get there. This worksheet employs The Habit Factor’s own, Habit Alignment Technology™ — an innovative process to develop and align key, related habits specific to your goals so that you will reach them more quickly and easily!

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Keep it simple
Success comes when you can remain focused and not feel overwhelmed. Therefore, this worksheet is designed to support just ONE goal and no more than FIVE habits for tracking. Also, it is important that you fully understand the methodology (Target Days, Frequencies and Success Minimums) and reading the book and/or downloading the FREE or Paid app (iTunes or Android) will help greatly toward that effort. Over time, we expect to offer more tools here.

Once you enter your information you will receive an email to confirm your request. Simply click on the confirmation link in the reply email. NOTE: It MAY take up to five minutes. Once you reply to the confirmation email you will receive the template. You may have to check your SPAM filter if you don’t see the confirmation email. Thanks again for your interest. YOU are well on your way to achieving your goal faster than you ever imagined!


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Below is a very nice video about The Habit Factor® app and book. It is about 13 minutes but certainly worthwhile if you’re interested in learning more. Chris is one of the two organizers of the TEDx AlAin conference in the UAE (he talks a little about this too). His comments  are very kind and thoughtful. And, when you consider the amount of time this must have taken, he’s quite an amazing guy to share his thoughts and review the impact that The Habit Factor® book and app have had. Thank you very much Mr. Payne!


The Power of Habit— Energy & Pattern!

In the below snippet you’ll quickly understand the profound relationship energy (your energy) has to goal achievement and habit. You’ll understand more clearly how ENERGY is predisposed to PATTERN and RHYTHM therefore, it only makes sense that if WE ARE ENERGY and OUR GOALS demand our ENERGY, we must integrate our daily, weekly behaviors (habits) into rhythms and patters that support our objectives. Fostering supportive habits accomplishes this—therefore, we achieve our goals faster!



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