Habit Building Part III: The PARR Method and Progressive Behavior Modification Therapy

  (Plan, Act, Record & Reassess) By: Martin Grunburg A simple method to intentionally build good habits. P.A.R.R. takes advantage of HabitStrength™, a concept proven to reinforce any particular behavior over time. Strengthening and reinforcing the behavior helps it to become a habit. When this is coupled with Habit Alignment Technology™, anyone can achieve their […]

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The Power of Habit and The Habit Factor®, How to Break Bad Habits & Build Good Habits: Part One, Get UNSTUCK and More

        By: Martin Grunburg While reading The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg (book info below, Random House, February, 2012) with, of course, some intimate knowledge of The Habit Factor® (above left) as a background, I had a strange feeling during certain sections. In fact, there was one section in particular where things felt […]

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