Habit and Skill Development: The Four Stages of Competence

By: Martin Grunburg The last two weeks we’ve focused on the simple idea that rather than trying to distinguish and separate habit and skill (something even top behavioral psychologists struggle to differentiate), it may serve us to take a moment and wrap our minds around their powerful similarities. Let’s strengthen the link between these two […]

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The Demystification of Habit: Skill vs Habit and Why You Should Care

By: Martin Grunburg In the last post we covered Dr. Stephen Covey’s classic three circle diagram (above), which was designed to help people understand the required ingredients for habit development: Knowledge, Skill and Desire. Upon further analysis of these elements, however, “skill” in particular should be moved from its current “requirements” location (circle) and placed in the center […]

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2 Keys to Learning; Plus, a Great Accelerator

By: Martin Grunburg Let’s say it’s time to learn something new, such as a language or a musical instrument, or how to plant a garden (pick your topic). What do you think would be the key factors influencing your ability to succeed in learning that new skill or habit? Now, please think about that for a […]

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