More on Gratitude: 11 Ways Gratitude is a Game-Changer

By: Martin Grunburg Hope your Turkey Day did not suck. Ours was fantastic…always fun to see the cousins playing together. The last post was designed to remind all of us (myself first and foremost) that the capacity to be grateful — to choose our thoughts and captain our thinking — is itself our greatest gift. How […]

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The Musicality of Productivity, Part Deux

By: Martin Grunburg It’s a myth that habit development depends upon daily repetition. It does not; it depends upon consistency of the behavior, over time. Beating yourself up because you haven’t done a behavior every day in order to develop a habit is a big mistake. In last week’s article, we covered the important concept […]

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The Musicality of Productivity: How To Be More Productive and Achieve Your Goals More Quickly

By: Martin Grunburg Every Monday morning, the garbage is picked up in our neighborhood. Every Tuesday morning, the lawn is mowed at my favorite park, right next to the bay. Once a quarter, the gardeners will punch the grass to aerate it. Just another beautiful October day in San Diego, nearly 80 degrees at the […]

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