Olympians and Goal Achievement, Part II

By: Martin Grunburg In the last article, we reviewed the path — the formula — that all great Olympians must follow to turn their dreams into reality. In fact, we recognized that this path toward success applies to anyone, whether an Olympian or just an average Joe. However, becoming an Olympian doesn’t happen without being […]

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More on Preparation: What Really Separates the Very Best

By: Martin Grunburg An Enlightening Stroll Along the Sammamish River Trail Recently, I had the great fortune of walking along the Sammamish River Trail in Washington State with a legendary performer, one of the greatest professional tennis players in history. A legend so revered in his home country of Australia that he has an arena […]

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8 Keys to Preparation

Whether it’s for business, a big game, a performance date, exam, or even a poker game, your first question before an important event (if you really want to perform your best) should be, am I prepared? If the answer is “NO,” then the next question should be, “What do I need to do to prepare?” […]

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