Goal Achievement Series– Mindset Pro Tip #2: A.B.G. (Always Be Growing)

By: Martin Grunburg Change is a funny thing. In fact, one of the great constants (by definition, something that never changes) is, in fact, change. The great thing about goals is they allow us, in this crazy and uncertain world, to direct some of the change. By doing this, goals provide a sense of purpose, […]

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Habit Building Part III: The PARR Method and Progressive Behavior Modification Therapy

  (Plan, Act, Record & Reassess) By: Martin Grunburg A simple method to intentionally build good habits. P.A.R.R. takes advantage of HabitStrength™, a concept proven to reinforce any particular behavior over time. Strengthening and reinforcing the behavior helps it to become a habit. When this is coupled with Habit Alignment Technology™, anyone can achieve their […]

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