21 EPIC Quotes on Gratitude!

By: Martin Grunburg Our Goal Achievement Series “G.R.O.W.I.N.G.” continues. We’ve already reviewed the importance of 1) Being On Your Toes (that aggressive, confident and positive mindset) and, 2) Always Be Growing (which is the general theme behind goal-setting ; ). We’ll continue exploring each letter of our GROWING acronym (in no particular order) in the weeks […]

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The Habit of Enthusiasm Makes the Difference

“Mere enthusiasm is the all in all.” ~William Blake By: Martin Grunburg Let’s begin with a true understanding of enthusiasm. Take a quick look at its definition: “intense and eager enjoyment, interest, or approval.” Note the word “approval.” This implies that being enthusiastic is an affirmation of sorts. So, if I’m enthusiastic about your idea, I […]

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Success, Happiness & the Law of Indirect Effort

By: Martin Grunburg On my run the other day, Brian Tracy’s “Law of Indirect Effort” popped into my playlist. BT is an amazing man. He’s authored some 60-plus books — and that makes up just a fraction of his personal development portfolio. I simply refer to him as a living legend. What’s sorta funny, though, […]

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