Getting to Habituation, the Path to Peak Performance and The Zone

By Martin Grunburg In my last post I shared that becoming habituated to a particular skill or craft is almost always a requirement to experience a peak performance. Whether you’re a stand-up comic, presenting a sales pitch, raising VC funds or playing basketball, becoming habituated first is essential. It’s important to recall that habituation infers […]

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The Key To Peak Performance and the “Zone” is Habituation

By: Martin Grunburg “She was in the zone!” “He was unconscious!” When Stephen Curry, point-guard for the Golden State Warriors, three-point-shot maestro and MVP of the NBA’s 2015 season, shattered the league’s playoff three-point shooting record, fans tweeted in unison, “Steph was unconscious!” Steph has carried that level of peak performance into this season where […]

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