Goal Achievement Series —Mindset Pro Tip #4:
WHO Do You Want to BEcome?

“I hope, therefore, that some of my descendants may follow the example and reap the benefit.” ~Benjamin Franklin By: Martin Grunburg Today’s post involves the big “W” in our ongoing Goal Achievement/Mindset Series, “G.R.O.W.I.N.G.” The “W” stands for Who, as in, Who do you want to BEcome? It’s important to remember that any BEcoming you do […]

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The Demystification of Habit: Skill vs Habit and Why You Should Care

By: Martin Grunburg In the last post we covered Dr. Stephen Covey’s classic three circle diagram (above), which was designed to help people understand the required ingredients for habit development: Knowledge, Skill and Desire. Upon further analysis of these elements, however, “skill” in particular should be moved from its current “requirements” location (circle) and placed in the center […]

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Rethinking Habit Development

By: Martin Grunburg There is little debate among psychologists (those who study behavioral psychology) that the relationship between habit and skill is a challenge to delineate, and their differences are difficult and hard to define. A recent example of this comes via an article in Forbes written by Pat Brans where he asks noted Ph.D. […]

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Dispelling The 6 Great Myths of Habit, Developing New Habits Just Got Easier!

“All our knowledge has its origins in our perceptions.” ~ Leonardo da Vinci By: Martin Grunburg For each of the following “myths” I will do my best to share its origin, (if possible) the general fallacy and why there is a better understanding and way to proceed when it comes to developing new productive habits! […]

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