The Best Blog Post Ever!

By: Martin Grunburg Just over a year ago my youngest daughter Eva, decided to run for student council president (as an eight grader). Upon hearing her decision my first tendency was to shield/protect her from the pain of a potential loss. However, I managed to contain myself and any impulse to intervene (I said nothing). […]

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Olympians and Goal Achievement, Part II

By: Martin Grunburg In the last article, we reviewed the path — the formula — that all great Olympians must follow to turn their dreams into reality. In fact, we recognized that this path toward success applies to anyone, whether an Olympian or just an average Joe. However, becoming an Olympian doesn’t happen without being […]

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It’s a +2! The Importance of Connection to Learning

By: Martin Grunburg Rita Pierson had been an educator for more than 40 years leading up to her TED Talk (May 2013, 5 million-plus views). Tragically, less than two months later she passed away. In this powerful presentation (below) she touches on a few formative ideas not just about the education of our children, but […]

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