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Welcome. My name is Martin Grunburg ; )

I’m the author of The Habit Factor® and creator/inventor of the top productivity (iOS and Android) app sharing the very same name. The book laid the important foundation; the ideas about habit development and habit alignment for more efficient goal achievement, and the app supplied the readers a real-life tool that enabled them to apply those ideas!

I’m honored you’ve found your way here.

In 2010, The Habit Factor® book was published and this (below) is what I wrote near the end of the book.


“Kids are 25% of our population and 100% of our future.”  ~Anonymous

Here is my big goal and vision for this book. In fact, this is my “Why?” and it probably makes sense to share it, since you have taken the time to read it (thank you). The answer is, I “had to” write this book. My main goal is to help young adults, even high school-age kids, recognize that regardless of their circumstance, with The Habit Factor working for them, they will achieve their goals.

There is so much noise and there are so many distractions between TV, the Internet and video games; too many young adults come out of college and especially high school completely confused about how to channel their energy. Most have no idea how to set or achieve their goals. Schools are designed to prepare students for a life of service, productivity and achievement, and given what has been disclosed within these pages, I’m confident that such an understanding of the subject of HABIT would greatly serve our collective future. In fact, I strongly believe that everything there is to know about habit (the related science, nature and even theories, much like any other scientific theories and languages that are taught in school) ought to be learned by our children now.

Habit is the fertile ground and well spring of success. Yet, ask any young adult or teenager to describe habit and you’ll likely hear, “A habit is like smoking or taking drugs.”

You’re unlikely to hear, “Habit is my special weapon of achievement. If I choose and forge my habits diligently and wisely, I will achieve nearly any goal I desire and, ultimately, realize the lifestyle of my dreams.”

BTW: Watch this short and funny video that will help to illustrate that specific challenge!

So, that was 2010! It becomes a bit hard to recall that prior to The Habit Factor, the best practice of the day for goal achievement was something known as S.M.A.R.T. goals which leaves out the concept/subject of habit entirely.

Today, if you were to take a quick survey of the personal development / self-help landscape within iTunes or Amazon (for instance) it’s impossible not to notice what is, in essence, The Habit Factor’s core message being amplified over and over again with the proliferation of habit tracking and habit development ebooks  99.9 % of which did not exist prior to The Habit Factor.

I guess that’s the good news. However, the “other” news is many of these apps and books are just opportunistic (riding a growing trend) and miss represent or miss entirely the important criteria and ideas related to habit development and goal achievement.

From the beginning, The Habit Factor was intent on being the first complete solution (book and app) specifically showing people how to apply the ideas of habits development and habit alignment the best results.

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Please, have a look around this website and if you have any questions feel free to reach out on Facebook, Google+ or you can email:  mg  (at)  thehabitfactor (dot) com.

Thanks once again for the visit… be sure to download the habit development template if you haven’t already, here and / or check out the book! ; )

PR stuff follows…

Martin is the creator/inventor of The Habit Factor® as well as the author of the international bestselling book sharing the same name. He’s widely recognized as the father of the modern habit tracking movement for goal achievement.

Martin presented these revolutionary insights about habit and goal achievement at TEDx in the United Arab Emirates, and his work has been featured in the world’s most popular productivity blogs such as Lifehacker.com and Mashable.com as well as New York Times, C|Net and OpenForum. He’s been identified by Success Magazine as one of today’s most inspirational, creative and respected thought-leaders in the multibillion-dollar personal-development arena.

Perennial bestselling author Michael Gerber, (The E-Myth Revisited) has said of The Habit Factor, “Brilliant, everyone needs this… whether you read this for your business or yourself— just read it!”

Prior to developing and authoring The Habit Factor®, Martin has been a partner in C3 Networx, formerly Home2Office Computing Solutions, Inc. As founder/COO, he’s been nominated twice for the Entrepreneur of the Year award and has twice led his team to win the Better Business Bureau Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics.

Martin serves on the board of Big Brothers Big Sisters regionally in San Diego and has been a big brother for more than 15 years. He has also served as a volunteer instructor for Junior Achievement, teaching “Success Skills” to some of the city’s more economically challenged high schools.

He is an avid waterman, surfer and sailor who has completed the Catalina Classic (a 32-mile open-ocean paddle) multiple times and considers himself an “accidental triathlete”, having completed several full Ironman-distance triathlons (one in France).


Book Martin today and witness enthusiasm and productivity soar!


Just some of the organizations and companies learning and applying The Habit Factor®!
SENTRE Partners
College Works
Dolce & Pane
San Diego Professional Coaches Alliance
US Green Chamber
Sales Leadership Alliance (SD & OC)
Southwest Realtors Association
BirdRock Systems
JMS General Contracting
PC Housing

Entrepreneurs Organization
EO Accelerator
The Society of Pharmaceutics and Biotech Trainers (conference)
Big Brothers Big Sisters San Diego
TEDx (Al Ain)
Indie Business Network
KUSP Talk of the Bay
Simon Vetter Coaching
Rich Phillips Coaching




“Brilliant! Everyone needs this… whether you read this to improve yourself or your business — just read it!”

~Michael E. Gerber, Author of the perennial best-seller, The E-Myth Revisted (www.michaelegerber.com)

“Deep and inspiring. The Habit Factor® reveals why each of us must conscientiously choose our thoughts, thereby directing the power of habit to server ourselves, our companies, communities and planet.”

~Chip Conley, Founder of Joie de Vivre Hospitality and author of PEAK: How Great Companies Get Their Mojo from Maslow (www.peakorganizations.com)

“Powerful. Practical. Certain to super-charge your success! With regular use of The Habit Factor, you can develop any habit necessary to achieve any goal you set for yourself.”

~Brian Tracy, Author of 55 Books in 36 Languages, (www.briantracy.com)

“In my practice, I’ve noticed that many patients have goals but haven’t developed the right, supportive habits needed to achieve their goals. The Habit Factor app has really helped to build and align habits, and I recommend it to patients who are serious about improving their health. The book provides the needed education and awareness around habit and the habit development required for real, lasting change.”

~Dr. Dylan Steer, Nephrologist | Medical Director

“When you commit to the insightful lessons in this compelling book, you will forever avoid mediocrity and relish in a life of sweet success. Give yourself this gift!”

~Dr. Anthony F. Smith, Cofounder of Leadership Research Institute and best-selling author of The Taboos of Leadership and ESPN: The company (www.lri.com)

“As a behavioral scientist and consultant to numerous successful organizations, I believe The Habit Factor’s content is important for today’s leaders and managers.  I recommend you read and begin practicing the tips and techniques outlined to enhance your own success as well as that of your organization.”

~Holly G. Green, Managing Director, The Human Factor Inc., | Consultant, Keynote Speaker, Behavioral Scientist | Best-selling author, More than a minute, how to be an effective leader and manager in today’s world (www.thehumanfactor.biz)

“I knew Martin was going to be great. What I didn’t know is that his presentation was going to be THAT GREAT! This message is so important and relevant for any organization. We’ve already asked him to come back and do this again.”

~David Steel, Founder, Former CEO, The U.S. Green Chamber of Commerce |  (www.usgreenchamber.com)

“First, I literally could not put this book down! I found myself purchasing dozens of books for our employees. Then, I invited Martin to speak at our company’s annual retreat. The important lessons he shares about habits are going to help us to get out of this difficult economy. And, I know his message touched many of our employees personally.”

~Steve Williams, President, Partner, SENTRE Partners (www.sentre.com)

“There’s a reason we’ve had Martin present to our company the last 4 years! Time and again, he leaves our students inspired and fully motivated to improve themselves in turn, helping our reach new heights year after year. Martin’s lessons fit perfectly with our culture of continuous improvement and we continue to post record growth. Our students love his talks.”

~Brian Moaddeli, President CollegeWorks, Southern & Northern California. (www.collegeworks.com)

“Martin is a true inspiration. When he spoke to our Young Professionals Committee (YPC) at their annual board retreat he was insightful and inspiring. He did a wonderful job sharing his unique experience with the book’s many lessons. He taught us how they can be applied to ANY goal— be it fundraising or completing an Ironman distance triathlon.”

~Kim Fitzgerald, Development Coordinator-Corporate & Individual Gifts,  Big Brothers Big Sisters of San Diego County

“If you’re beginning to believe another book might not help you— think again.  The Habit Factor is a powerful and simple strategy for creating meaningful change in your life!  This step-by-step process gets results. Combined with the mobile app, it’s a productivity dynamic duo!”

~Garry Ridge, CEO WD-40 Company, Author, Helping People Win at Work

“After 30-plus years working with entrepreneurs and achievers at the highest level, both in government and the private sector, it’s become fairly obvious that one’s discipline and rituals are what set them apart. The Habit Factor shares with you, step-by-step, the key to making those powerful elements work in your favor.”

~Warren S. Rustand, Entrepreneur, Speaker & Former Chairman WPO, Creator of “Public Policy and the Private Sector”


“Martin’s presentation was powerful and well received by the group. After reading the book I realized the potential of your process to improve one’s professional and personal life. In the business world we try to engrain positive behaviors (habits) and eliminate non-productive behaviors not only with our employees but with our customers. That said, your book will become part of my team’s training process to capture incremental business. Thought you would like the feedback.” ~Tim Hawboldt Regional Manager, Chrysler SBS (sent via email over a month after the presentation)

“The presentation was clear, educational and most importantly inspirational. Martin has a very effective way of educating you about habits while motivating you to take action. His simple process is very effective and has already helped me to start changing. Even my kids are using the process now Thank you Martin.”
~Alex Shahabe CEO, PC Housing

“The Habit Factor offers life changing ideas and a system to implement. Incredibly valuable.” ~Jim Matteo, CEO BirdRock Systems

“The Habit Factor should be incorporated into sales management!” ~G. Colbert

“The Habit Factor provides a meaningful and unique perspective to achieving goals you may currently have or have yet to realize. I’m looking forward to applying The Habit Factor’s methodology both professionally and in other areas of life. Thank you.” ~H. Ricaurte

“The idea that changing your smaller behavior and habits on a regular basis will lead to achieving monumental goals was a concept that seemed farfetched at first, but the more you listened to the presentation the more it made complete sense.” ~A Schumacher

“Martin is just oozing with sensational past experiences that give the Habit Factor an interesting type of depth and structure. I have tried many apps with similar ambitions, to this day I’m using only one, The Habit Factor.” ~D. Diakov


Bring The Habit Factor to your organization today!
To inquire about having Martin present at your next function
Email: mg AT thehabitfactor DOTcom  SUBJECT: “PRESENTER!”

There’s nobody better to introduce, educate and inspire your organization to live by the profound principles of The Habit Factor® than the creator of the world’s first, true goals and habits app (one that understand the difference between goals and habits) and the first productivity app associated with a best-selling book.

Martin provides a very real, personal account of both awakening and transformation tied to habit development. (This isn’t just a story about a cookie habit). As an overworked, unfit entrepreneur to 3x full, Ironman distance competitor and 4x Catalina Classic, (32 Mile Open Ocean paddleboard event) participant.

The key take-away though has little to do with the athletic events (after all, there are thousands of Ironman athletes and hundreds of Elite paddleboarders worldwide) what makes Martin’s story unique, is how he distilled those insights and then, at first, shared them with a group of entrepreneurs who then experienced terrific results and then urged him to create an app to share the process and ideas.

His insights originally shared within The Habit Factor (book and app) regarding habit development and alignment to achieve goals has now become an accepted best practice. Promoted throughout the web and world by productivity experts, coaches, management consultants and PhD’s who continue to reiterate and share this new, BIG idea.
(a recent example in Forbes below, see if you can guess the “surprising activity”).

Surprsiing activity2014-03-19 at 9.35.22 AM


Ultimately, The Habit Factor® has now become the world’s best-selling productivity dynamic duo (book & app) (iOS and Android) touching tens of thousands of lives around the world.

Here’s a short/quick book review that nearly reads fake because it says “actually” so many times.





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