This class happened during one of my roughest patches in my life and helps me with my struggles, finding happiness and the person I wish to become.  I am very grateful for The Habit Factor Get Unstuck online class and the valuable information Martin shared with class and also off class through emails.”
~Rachel S.  {Switzerland}

Rachel completed the Get Unstuck course all online, via recorded webinars (she lives in Switzerland) and it got me thinking. Why couldn’t others do this? Why not offer these recordings at a fraction of their price and allow participants (members) to watch and access this material as it suits them?

We’ve created a Get Unstuck Membership Group.

By enrolling you have access to to all videos, assessments and templates as you want/need (your timeline) for ONE FULL YEAR!

Please know these videos/classes are not for download and at this price that is not an option.**  You will have unlimited access for a full year from the time of purchase and we have a very reliable web host.

This is over eight hours of essential, educational and motivation content foundational* to YOU and your success to help you take your achievement to the next level (no matter where you are now).

These are core, foundational principles and lessons essential to all personal development. Even the “Relationships” module which one participant said, “I’m so glad I attended this one, at first I thought it would offer very little value to me yet, it may have been the most valuable class of all of them.”

Each class is offered in a set order as the Webinar series was recorded. While it is recommended that you watch and address that content in that set order you do have the flexibility to jump around if you wish.

 The Unstuck outline includes 9 Class Videos
(Go at your own pace!)
Video One: G
oals & Habits, plus, the Magic Word   56:29
Video Two: The Winning Mindset   1:02:16
Video Three: Values, Vision & Mission Statements   43:15
Video Four: Health, Fitness Diet   49:19
Video Five: Time & Productivity Secrets   57:31
Video Six: Idealization, Passion & Talents   53:43
Video Seven:  Energy & Environment   58:32
Video Eight: The Golden Key – Relationships   
Video Nine: Bonus Class!$$Money & Finances”

*Foundational: Meaning, truly fundamental lessons and practices.

As I’m sure you already know, even the best in their profession revisit the fundamentals.

A key idea here that if you can just make a few key adjustments, maybe even just one or two re: your behaviors, thoughts, beliefs, or understanding re: ANY of these topics it may entirely shift your results— I know that was the case for me.

When was the last time you assessed your own processes to achieve your goals? When was the last time you reviewed your fundamentals for each of the above topics?

I don’t have to tell you that if your results aren’t what you’d like them to be or you’re feeling “STUCK”, many times it can be traced to just ONE of the above topics and your related understanding and approach.

From my experience, we all need a little edge (and a little kick in the ass) from time to time. Once you combine these videos with the powerful assessment surveys and templates (ALL included) you have a program easily valued upwards of $800.

Certainly, any course with this amount of material is priced anywhere from $79-$199 per class–sometimes more. Note: if it were priced at just $133.00 per class this entire program would be almost $1,200!

So, what’s the price for the entire course (8 Classes plus 7 Assessment surveys plus 4 Bonus PDF’s (planners), plus Money & Finance Bonus Class)?

Well it isn’t $1,200 or even, (for now) half of that amount, $599.00.


Correct. Well over $200 OFF the entire course. LIMITED TIME.

>> Nearly 9 Hours of Content!
>>Seven Assessment Surveys!
>>Plus, BONUS CLASS “Money & Finance”
>>Plus, 4 Productivity Planner PDFs (Daily, Weekly, Quarterly & Yearly)
Now, the entire UNSTUCK PROGRAM is now just $379.00!

And, You’ll love, love this. It’s entirely RISK-FREE (Yes. A Money-Back guarantee) 

Test it/Try it for yourself. If you just listen to a class or two and don’t recognize its timeless value… simply email for a refund and you’ll receive an entire refund (minus any paypal fees).


There is only one catch — I’m sure you’ll think it’s fair. You will have a FULL 28 days to sample and apply the material. If this material just isn’t providing double, triple of five-times the value to you. Please email for refund.

Note: All bonus materials including the 9th BONUS Class “Money & Finance” are made available after the 28 day risk-free period.

Action is the real measure of intelligence.” ~Napoleon Hill

“Nothing happens until something moves.” ~Einstein

 FAQ: A little more about the “GET UNSTUCK” World Tour

1) How long is the course? 9 Classes including the Bonus class, “Money & Finance”

2) What if I can’t make the dates or miss a some classes due to scheduling conflicts? At this point, this is a recorded course so you will have the videos time-released via email and you can watch at your own leisure.

3) What if I want to download the videos?  The videos are not for download – we have a very reliable server host and for the most part the videos once purchased will be available to watch for up to one year from purchase at anytime online (after they’ve been released to you in a timed fashion via email).

4) Can I pay for it now? Yes. See the above PayPal Link.

5) Is the program guaranteed money back? Yes. If after the first four classes (half way through you don’t see value) we’ll refund your money minus any PayPal fees, as described above. It’s time to break bad habits, and learn how to develop new positive habits.

6) Why wouldn’t I just buy the app and book instead?  Those are great places to start actually. The course takes you though the best way to use the app to achieve your goals and of course there is loads of content you won’t get from just the app and complementary content outside the book.

It’s time to achieve your goals and tap your full potential! 

I have other questions about the program, who can I contact? Please send an email to:  sales (AT) equilibrium-ent (dot) com  Be sure to title the email Subject “UNSTUCK COURSE”.



“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” ~Benjamin Franklin

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