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In early January, app user Adrian shared his habit factor success story with us. He labeled it his “breakthrough goal” (interesting choice of words) and it represented far more than just a marathon. To him it was an emotional, mental and physical turning point in his life (following one of his most challenging years) — Adrian credits The Habit Factor for both holding him accountable and for being a symbol of his new found commitment to achieve his goal.

When ordinary people achieve extraordinary goals, they push themselves to new heights, and when they do— everyone wins! Often, other people’s courage and enthusiasm inspires us, helping us to believe more in ourselves and our own abilities.

The Habit Factor is built on the simple premise that to improve the world, we must improve ourselves. The more we (at Equilibrium) hear about and see the beautiful results of The Habit Factor methodology in action, the more excited we are to spread the message about the remarkable force of habit.

We welcome your Habit Factor success story; and we intend to compile them into a new Habit Factor book. Below is the criteria for submission.

Submit your Habit Factor Success Story by emailing us at success (AT) If you have any questions about this program, please email sales (AT) .

Want to Share YOUR Habit Factor Success Story? Here’s how…

A Habit Factor success story is an inspirational, true story about ordinary people achieving their most important goals both big and small – and changing their lives in the process. Tolstoy’s quote: “Real life is lived when tiny changes occur.” might certainly apply here. These stories touch readers and help them realize that they, too, have the power to achieve their goals by harnessing the power of habit by following The Habit Factor’s methodology.

If you would like to submit your Habit Factor success story, please follow some simple guidelines. Write your story in the first person and describe how a long-held dream or goal was achieved, and the specific “habit cocktail” you created and followed to success.

The most powerful stories reveal how a life can be turned around when someone takes small, incremental, habitual steps that inexorably lead them to  their goal.

Guidelines for a Habit Factor Success Story

1. Tell a story about yourself and give some details background (be sure to really share detail your starting point). Write in the first person.

2. Don’t leave anything out — what was wrong with your life? What was your mindset? How did that change? What goal did you wish to attain?

3. The story should include whatever hardships you faced when trying to achieve your goal. Be detail oriented about the pains/challenges. Describe your feelings at the beginning and end of your process. Discuss how you were empowered and changed.

4. Above all, let it come from your HEART! Your story WILL inspire others!

5. Keep the story to 1500 words or less. Between 1,000-1,500. Short, inspiring, emotional, touching. You get the picture.


What a Habit Factor Success Story IS NOT:

A Habit Factor Success Story should not be a dry thesis or overly religious or sermonizing. It is a simple, powerful lesson you learned by taking conscious control of your own habits to alter/refine the direction of your life.


Story Specifications

1. Submit your Habit Factor Success Story by emailing us at success (AT) If you have any questions about this program, please email sales (AT) .

2. Stories should be no longer than 1,500 words.

3. No anonymous, author unknown or “as told to” submissions, please.

4. Be sure to keep a copy of the story you submit to us. Please do not ask us to send you a copy of something you have previously submitted.

5. Please submit only stories that have not been previously published.

When you submit your Habit Factor Success Story, you will receive a response that we have received it. This is confirmation that your story has been delivered and accepted into our submission process.  By submitting your story and email you understand

Feel free to submit more than one story for consideration.

It may take up to two to three years for this version of The Habit Factor® to be published. Please be patient, this is an important and very time-consuming process for us. If your story is selected for a future version of The Habit Factor®, you will be notified.

Your submission is authorized permission of Equilibrium Enterprises, Inc., to edit and/or publish your story. If selected, you will be notified prior to any publication to confirm permission.

Thank you. We are excited to read your story and we hope you will inspire millions!



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