Burning Ships Not Bridges


By: Martin Grunburg

It’s great to be back in the saddle and while this is NOT the official kick-off of Season 4 (Habits 2 Goals Podcast), it is my effort to get you caught up and share at least one of the great lessons I recently experienced.

Admittedly, you’re gonna have to be a little patient (it takes a while to set the table here) but coincidentally patience is a component part of this lessons anyway! ; )

Today, I share a bit about my long-standing partnership (23+ yrs) and it’s official separation… all good, mostly. The fact is we’d been partners (3 of us) longer than most marriages exist and with our company’s recent win of a prime contract award (defense) AND, given that they are in the neighborhood of 70 years old an exist strategy presented itself.

How and why this may relate to you.

When it is not necessary to make a decision, it is necessary not to make a decision. ~Lord Falkland

In today’s episode, I review my challenge/struggle to follow one great and romantic motto entrepreneurs love! “Burn the ships!” Yet, incredibly, unbeknown to me there was another even more powerful motto directly competing with that philosophy and compelling me to do or not to do something else.

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Harvard 80 year Happiness Study! (I reference)

Slight correction I relate a great line from MASTERY a fantastic book by Robert Greene, the actual line is, “the greatest impediment to your creativity is your own impatience.”


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