Goal Achievement Series — Mindset Pro Tip #3: Taking 100% Responsibility


“Responsibility is the price of greatness.” ~Winston Churchill.

By: Martin Grunburg

Continuing our Goal Achievement Series “G.R.O.W.I.N.G.,” today’s topic brings us to perhaps the most important and pronounced trait of those whom we consider “great” and “successful” — RESPONSIBILITY.

This key attribute and mindset is universal in all great goal achievers.  Responsibility simply cannot be extracted from any “success equation.” Just try to imagine any historical great or person you deem “successful” who doesn’t take responsibility — that is, who blames their results or their situation on others and makes excuses.

Responsibility is the starting point and, in many ways, it is the ENDING point. 

As Harry S. Truman was fond of saying, “The buck stops here!”

When you start with 100% responsibility you are saying to the world, “I am capable of creating my ideal future.” When you take 100% responsibility, things begin to change.

Don’t believe this? Consider the exact opposite mindset: “I’m not responsible for my choices, actions or the outcomes in my life.”

What sort of results is that mindset likely to produce?”

Got Excuses?

Nothing in this world may be recycled more than excuses. (Feel free to tweet that quote ; ) If we’re busy creating excuses, we’re not creating results!

Here’s your 100% Responsibility Checklist:

I <NAME> Fully Commit To Taking 100% Responsibility For:

MY CHOICES! (each item represents a choice)
my attitude
my decisions
my habits
my goals
my level of well-being (weight, fitness, peace of mind)
my happiness (nobody can make you unhappy without your permission)
my relationships
my level of growth!
my charitable giving
my belief and faith in myself
my self-worth and self-esteem!

Watch Jim Rohn explain the value of 100% responsibility!

My favorite part may be his “reasons for not looking good” and his “blame list,” and when Shoaff says, “There’s just one problem with your list…”

Haha! Looking for a little more on the topic! Check out these “Habits 2 Goals” Podcast episodes.

Until next week,


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