It’s Baaaaack! Welcome to the “Habits 2 Goals” Podcast: 5 Things To Know About Season III


By: Martin Grunburg

1) A New Co-Host!

After a fantastic interview in Season II, Henry Evans was a no-brainer pick to invite back “into the studio” to co-host the new season. Henry has an extensive background in marketing and sales, but more importantly — from my perspective anyway — he is a HUGE personal development buff and avid reader. Henry is also the author of a great book, “The Hour A Day Entrepreneur.” Henry possesses a great, growth mindset AND he leads a local business group monthly (upwards of 80 members here in San Diego). In fact, I was so impressed with his group and content that I enrolled our Operations Manager!

2) New Cover ART!

That’s it (above)! After playing with various looks, this is what we settled upon. The #1 goal of the new look and feel, as you might’ve guessed, was to stand out! Red tends to do that ; ) Plus, it was paramount that the words “Habits” and “Goals” were easy to read. Finally, in playing with different ways to connect the two words and ideas with a “2,” we settled on the old two-ball, which we think helps to make the cover art and concept more memorable.


Are still an integral and fun part of the show. For the most part I’ll be doing the interviewing, and we have already lined up some exceptional guests. One upcoming guest is a THF user and reader who shares some of her insights, struggles and experiences that I’m sure will help and inspire other THF users/readers!

4) Same Format!

After today’s big kickoff, the release schedule will still look like this: Monday “Mind-Bullet,” Wednesday Interviews, and Friday’s “FAFs” (Frequently Asked Fridays). Plus, don’t forget you can find this show (non-iTunes listeners) on Stitcher and GooglePlay!

5) A FREE Gift! (I should have started here! ; )

Finally, we have a GIFT for you when you write a review on iTunes between the dates of 2/21/17 – 2/28/17! It’s super-easy to do, and for your trouble I will send you a powerful, 43-page PDF, “A Personal Evaluation Toolkit (P.E.T.)! It’s an amazing tool to help ANYONE jump-start their new year (we’re almost two months in already). I’m sharing this from personal experience: These are some of the most important questions and thought exercises everyone should go through.

How to CLAIM YOUR  FREE  Gift!

5a) Here are the exact steps to write a review, borrowed from our friends at “The Art of Charm.” However, rather than searching in Google for “The Art of Charm,” obviously, search “Habits 2 Goals” and then follow these steps. These guys have a great podcast and have been pumping out episodes for 10 years and now have thousands of reviews. At some point, I’m sure we’ll create our own instruction page but this is a really good step-by-step, simple guide; all you have to do is follow the steps and simply change the name/search in the web browser. Be sure to check out their show too! ; )

5b) Once you have written your review, then simply TEXT “4Goals” (again, this offer is valid between 2/21/17 – 2/28/17) to 33444, and you’ll get an immediate reply telling you that you’ll receive “The Habit Factor Template,” but we’ll also send you the PET Personal Evaluation Toolkit. Again, this is ONLY valid after 1) a review and 2) when you complete 5a and 5b between the dates of 2/21/17-2/28/17)!

Final thoughts:

Please be sure to subscribe and remain engaged. I have received some fascinating emails lately (one that will be turned into an episode). Thanks for the idea, Frank! Our show is well on its way to 1 MILLION downloads! 100,000 at a time! ; )

Stay hungry and stay foolish!

Until next week,


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