And, It’s a Wrap…

By: Martin Grunburg

With Season II of The Habits 2 Goals podcast in the rear-view mirror, I figured I’d share a short-list of popular episodes right here on the blog.

In the first season we (Nick and I) produced 35 episodes and one was released each week. In season two, (w/out our buddy Nick) we produced a total of 63 shows and three were released each week over 21 weeks.

For a list of interviews from season two with many inspiration and fascinating people check this link:

Season III is planned to launch in mid/late November. In the meantime, you can play these direct from the link below or on the podcast site. Also, if subscribe on iTunes or Stitcher you’ll get the episodes automatically! ; )

Check these out:

S02-Mind Bullet Monday 15: The Law of Forced Efficiency


S02-Frequently Asked Friday 20: Why Is Tracking Important?


S02-Mind Bullet Monday 17: The Power of Quadrant #2!

S02-Mind Bullet: Success in Common Hours

S02-Mind Bullet Monday 18: “Getting To!”

S02-Mind Bullet Wed 20: How Adaptable Are You?

S02-Mind Bullet Monday 20: Choose Growth!


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