Update: Podcast, The New Year, The Pressure Paradox and My Secret ADD/ADHD Productivity Tip

A different kind of post for this Thursday: a few overdue updates and then some thoughts on one of the more common questions I am asked.

Re: The “Habits 2 Goals” Podcast:

I’m excited to share that the “Habits 2 Goals” podcast is about to “air” its second season before the end of the month. This season will involve a change in the formatting and line-up. My co-host Nicky P., unfortunately, isn’t involved in season two as I’m eager to get some interviews going and those will anchor the show every Wednesday.

We’ll also introduce a couple of shorter episodes to book-end the week. So, we’ll feature a “Mind-Bullet Monday” and a “Frequently Asked Friday” episode, and each will typically be about ten or fewer minutes. Wednesday’s shows will be approximately 45-60 minutes and will feature interviews I’ll conduct with various thought-leaders, business experts, authors, bloggers, entrepreneurs and all-around interesting people with great stories. So far, the line-up has been great and I’m learning a lot in the process!

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 9.03.44 AMCOpictupdated

Jumping over to The Pressure Paradox, we nearly have the new website complete with its own Pressure PRISM (pressure assessment survey).

For this effort, I’ve collaborated with Mr. Glenn Fox, Ph.D. (neuroscientist). Glenn has largely led the effort to help create a very useful and free pressure assessment tool! More updates to come about this.

What’s Your New Year Update?

With 2016 well underway, I’m wondering how your New Year is shaping up?

Are you making strides toward your goals and new behaviors/habits? Or, do you feel like you’re stuck/in a RUT, bound by many of your old habits?

If you revisit the prior post (link above), there is a limited-time, bonus GIFT— a free PDF New Year Kickstarter Tool/Personal Assessment (again, free).

Further, to help people get where they want to go this year, we’ve recently set up a free Accountability Group (a secret-private group) on Facebook (just for THF users).

This is limited in size/scope, and the idea is to help you by surrounding you with other like-minded people (including myself) to help encourage you as we all APPLY The Habit Factor (free app, tracking sheet) to reach our goals!

This particular group will remain small, private and FREE. To apply Click HERE. (It will close soon!)


Finally, a question I’m asked often is, what tool or app do I use to help me develop my FOCUS habit? Yes! Your ability or inability to focus is, after all, just a habit — much like discipline is a habit. 

About a year ago, a wonderful young lady in our Entrepreneur group (Tia) gave me a goodbye gift. After a year of being the group coach/moderator, I was off to work with another group. And, as the group coach I ran the meeting using a four-minute sand timer. While I’m nearly positive the gift was just meant as a keepsake/reminder, it turned out to be one of the best focus tools I’ve ever used. Just setting the sand timer on my desk to prompt me to write (for just four minutes) is enough time to allow me to get moving and provide some quick momentum.


In fact, that little four minute sand-timer, is largely responsible for me being able to finish my last book, The Pressure Paradox, and currently helps me with the focus required to keep the blog updated and the creativity flowing ; ) and even updating our THF Insiders Group (quickest way to join this is via the free habit tracking templates).

So, that’s it for today; not much going on here. ; )

I hope to see you inside our secret-private (and free) Facebook accountability group page!



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