What’s the Value of Experimentation?

“All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better.” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

By Martin Grunburg

I’m beginning to thoroughly appreciate RWE’s insight here. Since “ALL” life would include anything that we might pursue, even our goals for instance. And, in the process we might recognize our various strengths and weaknesses which in theory would call upon us to adapt, retry and modify our strategies and tactics. Hence, continuous experimentation!

It was this idea, “the more experiments you make the better” which upon reflection is responsible for the birth of The Habit Factor (app and book) for instance. In fact, the reason I’m even bringing up this topic now is that I’m currently experimenting with Amazon’s KDP program (Kindle Direct Publishing) and even as I write this their “countdown deals promotion” where you can list your book for as little as .99 cents and each subsequent day it goes up $1. This is something I’ve never considered. So, you might ask, “Why do it now?”

That’s right… all life is an experiment.

Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 8.20.25 AM

The incredible thing is that ANY computer or device can be used to read the Kindle version (you don’t need a Kindle). However, depending upon when you read this the deal may be over ; )

I have always been very set on the idea that this book (The Habit Factor) is far too valuable to give away for $.99 cents and that people who get things for FREE and / or very cheap (inexpensive) rarely, if ever, value such items. So, I could stick to such a mindset and I would be “right” or, I guess, I might just experiment for fun!

A few other experiments both new and old worth noting:

  • I started a Podcast late last year. Check out the latest episode (which happens to be our most popular one) Persistence is More Valuable Than… Yes, I decided to put the show on temp hiatus to finish my latest book, The Pressure Paradox
  • I’ve been testing various web tools, software apps and at the moment, one of my favorites is Brain.FM
  • I’m testing various marketing techniques for both companies
  • I’ve started a content schedule for the new year…. something I’ve never done.
  • I’m testing LeadDigits and Leadpages… In fact, if you’d like to get on the “inside” to receive more tips, tools, techniques and various updates to all things related to The Habit Factor (goal achievement) and now The Habits 2 Goals podcast
    • Simply TEXT me right now “4Goals” to this number, 33444 and you’ll receive an immediate response!
  • I’m emailing those updates about once a week. Feedback has been great!
  • I’ve changed from a index card and post-it note “system” to google docs… results yet to be determined.
  • I’ve experimented with surveys for various clients
  • I’ve experimented with Webinars using MeetingBurner and free and paid recordings (see below for more on the Focus, Discipline and Willpower webinar)
  • I’ve experimented with social media advertising and different types of posts
  • Another great experiment… the new Habit Factor Accountability and MasterMind Groups starting January 2016 (more info coming!) – around 11/11/16.
    • These will be LIMITED: So, if interested please complete this General Survey (short) and for Question #9 Please check “OTHER” and Write “mastermind”.  Click here and I’ll send you more info!
    • Note: This will be a select (meaning you will need to apply) peer group accountability, coaching and experience sharing
  • This could be a much longer list… but I’ll end it here for now with this habit building/goal and habit Tracking Template which was my personal experiment! Back in 2003 it was the game-changer for me to achieve my own goal, The Catalina Classic was the initial experiment!

The “funny” thing is this is just a short list and that all of these experiments (by design) work in contrast to habit. In other words, if it’s a habit you’ve been practicing, a particular diet for instance then the experiment is designed to change it up… to try something new (and here’s the key) to hopefully produce new and different results.

Can one over-experiment? I guess it’s possible. The idea is to recognize what is suitable, working and even efficient and ride that for as long as it produces the results you desire. The other key though, is to continue to test and refine, to see if by tweaking a few variables, twisting a few nobs you can improve the process and deliver even better results.

It all begins with the mindset of being willing to experiment (which, btw: this puts an entirely different spin and meaning to the word “failure”) and, a desire to seek new and different results.

For instance, I don’t expect to change my “green apple in the morning” habit (probably 30 years strong). Having said that, in an effort to drink less coffee, I’ve started to experiment with drinking 2 or 3 cups of green tea before I allow myself to have any coffee. So far so good.

What are you currently experimenting with? How do those experiments align with your goals and the new results you seek?

Happy New Year and happy experimenting!


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