The Pressure Paradox, New Book Giveaway! Plus, The Habits 2 Goals Podcast [Update]

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Here’s the long overdue update… It’s a bit crazy to think after four years this book will be born right around OCTOBER 22nd 2015! That is the expected birthday / launch date. Early feedback has been very positive and as you might guess, there was a lot of pressure (no pun intended) as these ideas germinated and the initial writing began to take form ; ).

I wanted to do what I could to ensure this new book would be on par with The Habit Factor and the good news is, so far anyways, that appears to be the case! Yay.

I would be HONORED if you entered the book GIVEAWAY! There are just a few days left and approximately 200 people are already registered to WIN a FREE, Autographed copy of the book!

#8 Podcast again

Habits 2 Goals Podcast – A TOP, Self-Help podcast.

I know most of you are keeping up via my personal email updates… to get on the inside and make sure you’re receiving these updates please click here and sign-up for the original habit building template if you haven’t already.

The “Habits 2 Goals” podcast has been an incredible experience. Working with Nicky P. (my co-host) has been a real treat and even though we intended to only do 12 episodes initially —we’ve already recorded/produced 35 episodes and we’re not done. Be sure to click on the IMAGE above to Subscribe to the show on iTunes or you can find it on Stitcher as well.

More updates coming soon – right around launch of The Pressure Paradox!

talk soon,


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