Naked and Afraid. It’s GoGo Time!


Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart. ~Steve Jobs

WHY GO – Indie-GoGo?

Good question. Here are five great reasons to stand NAKED (as Jobs said) before you and the world in the name of my passion, in the name of The Habit Factor.

First, this takes some major huevos!
As I’m constantly seeking ways to expand the old comfort zone, this certainly fits the bill:
Asking for help — reaching out and exposing myself/this campaign/the Habit Factor and our dream mission/ambition to ultimately create a foundation someday (stretch goal upwards of 100K) to help underprivileged kids — takes some nerve.

Second, it’s a terrific exercise!
To run a successful campaign and reach your fundraising target requires a concerted marketing effort and sound strategy, something The Habit Factor (since its inception) hasn’t really had to do. In fact, you could argue that despite those skills, THF has been wildly successful. Well, we’re certain to learn a lot about what works and what doesn’t!

Third, new eyeballs—new audience!
If done well, marketing this campaign will bring new eyeballs (and hopefully users). So, if/when done properly, a successful campaign could create tremendous exposure that The Habit Factor would have not have had otherwise!

Fourth: Early adopters and technical reasons.
As we develop and approach a roll-out date for the cloud version/portal, there are a few technical challenges that require an entirely new app (built from ground up) to be released.

Therefore, this won’t be an update, but a brand new app. It will look and operate the same but have new “guts” housing the data. So, having possibly hundreds or thousands of users out of the gates — early adopters, who are part of the effort to launch the portal — will help us immensely. New and old users (early adopters) will be part of our team to provide constructive feedback.

Fifth: A Great retrospective.
In a few short years to see just a fraction of the impact and influence The Habit Factor has already had now compiled in an indiegogo campaign is awesome.

In 2009, The Habit Factor was the original — the first and only habits AND goals tracker.

And, The Habit Factor was always presented as a complete productivity solution (book and app). To provide not just an understanding and awareness of HABIT but a practical tool (app) so YOU can put those principles in action, daily!

Perhaps the best reason of all— the end-user/ you WIN! The perks are highly rewarding— an example is two years of portal use (unlimited) for only $15!!

Please, check out the campaign — I’d love your thoughts – you can email me at mg AT thehabitfactor DOT com (whether you are new to the app or book or not).

I hope you’ll be one of the first to use our new cloud portal version! It’s being built on a powerful collaborative platform and will (ultimately) have some great new features.

One of the early bird perks is an entire year of habits and goals tracking for ONLY $5!

**AND NOTE: The TOP CAMPAIGN REFERRER: Wins  6 months coaching! Plus, The Get Unstuck course, various surveys, assessments! Check it out!


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