7 Surefire Ways To Make 2014 Your Best Year Ever


By: Martin Grunburg

Got New Year Resolution-itis?

Do you want to set a goal but feel like somehow you know you aren’t likely to follow through?

Well, someday I will share just how predictable human behavior is as it relates to this new year “bug”/resolution and goal setting phenomena. Since The Habit Factor app is now going on it’s 5th year (the longest of any goals & habits app) I’ve seen some incredible New Year’s trends and can tell you that the below techniques will keep you pushing along through February 1st (when most people fade right back into old habits). ; )

Here you go! Seven techniques to provide leverage and real momentum to make this your most productive year ever!

1) Bucket-list it!
Priorities create focus. Ask this simple question, “If I were going to die in three months, what would I most regret not experiencing?” Then, write only five items that you MUST do before you die — your top five. Now, ask that question one more time with a slight twist. “If I were to die TOMORROW, which of these would I most regret not experiencing?” Then, circle that one and take action!

If 12 frogs are on a log and 7 decide to jump off, how many frogs remain on the log?
Correct. Twelve frogs are still on the log. They only decided to jump. Tony Robbins has a great quote for this: “It’s not a real decision unit you’ve taken some action!”

3) “Want to be happy? Tie your happiness to a goal, not a person or a thing.” ~Einstein
Set meaningful goals. Be sure to have at least one meaningful goal set for 2014, but don’t have 10! Try to keep it to 1-3. These goals can come from your bucket list or be separate. Use these critical life categories to help you: Mind, Body, Spiritual, Social, Professional, Financial, Adventure.

4) “Use the force, Luke.”
The force of HABIT that is! Experts in achievement claim that the subconscious is anywhere from 10 to 100 times more responsible than the conscious mind for goal achievement. Where do you think habits reside? You see, when you consciously craft and align supportive habits to your goals, you will achieve them much faster.

“If you’re not tracking, you’re slacking!” My experience coaching tells me that about 8 out of 10 people (reading this) are not tracking the core related behaviors/habits. And, 7 out of 10 don’t have a goal written down. Tracking is the one habit responsible for more client breakthroughs than any other. Become a tracker today!

6) Stop beating yourself up!
So what if you are off course or, you missed a day or a week or even a year or five years! Everyone (that’d be 100% of us) falls off course from time to time. The question isn’t if you are off course, the question is how are you going to respond? Every great achiever is simply a person who saddles back up after she’s fallen off the horse.

7) Zip it!
I believe it was Henry Ford who said, “You can’t build a reputation telling people what you are going to do.” Contrary to popular literature suggesting you should tell everyone about your new, exciting goals, I say don’t do it.

You might want to share with your best or closest friends or spouse, but that is it. Why? Why is a good question. Why are you telling people? Are you bragging in advance? Or, are you just wasting energy telling people about your new goal when you should be busy taking action and developing supportive habits?

Watch this great TED video supporting this theory HERE!

That’s it my friends! Happy New Year and wishing you a rewarding and fulfilling 2014!

Until next time,


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