TEDx Al Ain (UAE) Featured by Lifehacker


Believe it our not, one of the habits that I’m trying to develop is the habit of “tweeting”. I’m not much of a Twitter-guy. But, certainly recognize it’s potential for exposure and with apps and a book – it’s undoubtedly a great vehicle to help spread the message/awareness in order to help people achieve their goals.

After my talk at TEDx AlAin went live on Youtube. I started tweeting to share it via @thehabitfactor account. Lifehacker picked up that tweet, viewed the talk and then about 3 hours later this feature was posted. I was totally surprised by it.

It’s really a great example how the power of habit transcends the realm we can affect to help coordinate events well outside our sphere of influence. That is covered in the book so I’ll leave it there for now.

If you haven’t seen the Lifehacker article or the video click here or the link above.

Until next time thanks and remember, in life, goals are NOT optional.




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